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Kate Hettasch Papers

Kate Hettasch Papers

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Kate Hettasch Papers


Profile Description

Creation: 28.03.2012
Language: English

Title: Kate Hettasch Papers
Dates: 1911- 1983
Quantity: 6 boxes
Identification: PP HeK
Language: EnglishGerman

This collection contains personal diaries, correspondence, records, school workbooks, and diaries from Kate but also from her family members, diaries from the Moravian schools in Makkovik and Nain, texts/workbooks, and pupil's work, artwork and greeting cards created by Kate Hettasch, and church material regarding the mission in Labrador and the Moravian Church in Labrador, as well as newspaper clippings regarding Captain Donald Macmillan.

Kate E.M. Hettasch was born to parents Paul Richard and Ellen Mary (Koch) Hettasch on March 31, 1905, in Hopedale, Labrador. She spent the majority of her life in Labrador, however she spent periods of time in Europe and Bethlehem with family members. Her first trip to Europe was in 1908 when her parents were granted their first vacation from serving the Moravian Church as missionaries in Labrador in 10 years. On this trip her oldest brother Waldo remained in Europe with their grandparents to pursue studies and Kate and her family returned to Okak, Labrador where her father served for two years in the hospital. The family then moved to Nain and in 1911 Kate and her older sister left for Europe to study.

Her first years of study were in Holland, including confirmation class in 1920, In 1922 Kate moved to Berlin, Germany, where she learned housekeeping and in 1923 moved to Herrnhut to attend the Kindergarten Seminar near Dresden. In 1923 at a youth rally in Herrnhut there was a call for mission service and Kate volunteered. Kate took her final exams in May 1925 and upon passing accepted a call from the British Mission Board to teach in Labrador. Prior to leaving for Labrador she went to England to learn English.

She was placed in Labrador in 1925 at an English speaking boarding school in Makkovik where she taught until 1928 when she took a furlough to lecture in Switzerland and work in Pancras Hospital in London. Returning to Labrador, Kate received a telegram from the Arctic explorer, Captain Donald Macmillan, requesting that she teach in Nain, Labrador (where her parents lived) where he was building a boarding school for the Eskimo children. Kate accepted and taught in Nain until 1947 when she moved to Bethlehem, Pa., to attend to her ailing parents. While in Bethlehem Kate taught at the Moravian Preparatory School. She returned to Labrador three more times to teach and perform requested missionary services from 1955- 1961, from 1963-1971, and from 1972-1973. In 1973 she chose to retire and moved into the Widows' House in Bethlehem. Kate died on January 16, 1987, at the age of 81 at St. Luke's Hospital in Bethlehem, Pa., after battling cancer. Kate was buried in the Moravian cemetery of Nazareth and is remembered most for her work with children and for her artistic abilities (some drawings have been published in the form of greeting cards and several pieces of her work are included in this collection); for this work she is known as "Labrador Kate."

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