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George F Bahnson Papers

George Frederick Bahnson Papers

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George F Bahnson Papers


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Creation: 19.01.2012
Language: English

Title: George Frederick Bahnson Papers
Dates: 1820-1861
Quantity: 2 boxes
Identification: PP BGF
Location: 152D
Language: GermanEnglish

George F. Bahnson was born on September 16, 1805, in the Moravian congregation town of Christiansfeld, Denmark. Bahnson spent his early years studying in the Paedagogium in Niesky, Germany. On September 10th, 1824 at the age of 19 Bahnson chose to enter the Moravian Theological Seminary in Gnadenfeld and after two years was called to Kleinwelka to be a teacher in the "Knabenanstalt." Two years later Bahnson was called as a tutor at the Paedagogium in Nazareth, PA . Bahnson traveled to North America in 1829 assuming his position in Nazareth on December 5th. On May 13th, 1834, George Bahnson married the first of his three wives, Amelia Hortensia Frueauf from Bethlehem, and together they had one daughter. In the same year Bahnson was ordained as a deacon and called to serve as a pastor in Bethania, NC, a position which he assumed on July 29th of the same year. Bahnson would occassionally preach in surrounding Moravian communities, such as Bethabara. In 1837 Bahnson's wife, Amelia, died of consumption. Bahnson remarried a year later to Anna Gertrude Paulina Conrad from Bethania and together they had 11 children. Bahnson moved his new wife back to Bethlehem where he was to serve as preacher and teach at the Theological Seminary. In 1839 the family moved again to Lancaster. In 1849 Bahnson moved his family for the final time to Salem, NC, where he served as a minister and also as a member of the Provincial Elders' Conference. Unfortunately, Anna died in 1858 while giving birth to a still born son named Jacob. Bahnson married for the third time on January 4th, 1859, to Louisa Amelia Belo and they would have one son together. On May 13th,1860, George Bahnson was consecrated a bishop in Bethlehem. As president of the PEC of the Southern Province Bahnson would face difficult times as he attempted to guide his church through the Civil War which tore apart the United States as well as the Northern and Southern Moravian Provinces. While attending General Synod of the Moravian Church in Herrnhut in 1869 Bahnson's health began to fail and a few months later, on September 11th, 1869, Bishop George Bahnson died in Salem at the age of 63.

This collection contains descriptions written by George Bahnson about his trip from hometown Christianfeld, Denmark to school in Niesky; "Tagebuch"/diaries of daily life in Niesky between the dates 1820 and 1824, in Gnadenfeld in 1825, and Kleinwelke from 1826 to 1829, "Notes for a Diary -1831," diaries of George Bahnson dating between the years 1830 and 1867, including two diaries on his work as a representative/delegate at the Synod in 1848; a notebook containing schoolwork from 1822, including "Phaedon," geography, mathematics, and history and loose leaf notes on history, theology, psychology, mathematics, etc.; a "Quod libet" convering 6 pages written by Bahnson in Kleinwelke between the years 1827-1828; Sermons written by George Bahnson, including notes from scriptures and prayers, "Kinderstunden" (Children's Meetings), between the years 1827-1831; notes on church affairs including church meetings, lists of the names of individuals confirmed, baptized, buried, and married between 1839-1848, and notes on church missions; loose leaf notes on festivals and celebrations; 40 booklets featuring passages from scripture and some hymn notes written by Bahnson; 2 letters written by Bahnson -1819 and undated

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