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Paul de Schweinitz Papers

Paul de Schweinitz Papers

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Paul de Schweinitz Papers


Profile Description

Creation: 05.04.2012
Language: English

Title: Paul de Schweinitz Papers
Dates: 1887-1940
Quantity: 13 boxes
Identification: PP SchwP
Location: 152E-H
Language: GermanEnglish

This collections contains diaries from 1877-1940 which Paul de Schweinitz kept in Daily Text books; scrapbooks beginning in 1887-1936 which catalogue articles written by or written about Paul de Schwienitz, predominantly for "The Moravian," photographs and announcements of births and marriages for his family and friends, memorabilia from mission trips to Europe and across the United States, letters receeved upon ordination as a Bishop and on the anniversary of his 50th year as a minister in the Moravian Church; church records in regards to missions and salaries received by missionaries; personal records including a cash book, a birthday book, letters/memorabilia from Europe, papers regarding the estate of his father Robert de Schweinitz; church related correspondence, mostly regarding to church happenings and missions and real estate/parsonage; personal correspondence, mostly to loved ones.

Paul de Schweinitiz was born on March 16, 1863, in Salem, NC, to Robert William and Marie Louise (von Tschirschky) de Schweinitz. Between 1869 and 1876 he attended the Parochial School in Bethlehem, PA, followed by two years (1876-1878) at Nazareth Hall and about six years (1878-1884) as a student at the Moravian College and Theological Seminary. After graduating Paul taught for a year (1884) at Nazareth Hall prior to traveling to Germany to study in 1885-1886 at the University of Halle where he graduated with a Doctor of Divinity (D.D.). On September 12, 1886, Paul was ordained as a deacon by Bishop Edmund de Schweinitz in Bethlehem. On January 27, 1887, Paul married Mary Catherine Daniel in Bethlehem and almost a year later on November 26th, 1887 their first and only son, Karl, was born in Northfield, Minnesota. Paul was consecrated as a presbyter on September 12, 1888, by Bishop H.J. von Vleck. While in Minnesota Mary gave birth to their second child, Helena, on May 18, 1889. Shortly after her birth the Paul de Schweinitz family returned to Pennsylvania where Paul would serve as the pastor in Nazareth from 1890-1898. During this period Mary gave birth to two more daughters, Dorothea, born on September 5, 1891 and Louise, born on August 13, 1897. In September of 1898 Paul was elected as a member of the P.E.C., a position which he held until 1925; throughout the years Paul would hold positions as Treasurer from 1898-1937, Vice-President from 1908-1924, and President from Nov 25, 1924- June 26, 1925. In addition to being a member of the P.E.C. Paul held several other offices, including:

Oct. 18, 1897- Sept. 1898: Member of the Executive Board of the First District
Oct. 1897- June 1901: Writer of the S.S. Expositions in "The Moravian"
May 1901 and June 1901, 1906, 1912: President of the Second District Synod and President of the Fourth District Synod
May 1902, 1919, 1922: American Representative (North) at the Unity's Conferences in Herrnhut and Zeist
1898-1924: President and Treasurer of the Society for Propogating the Gospel
1913-1925: President of the Board of Church Extension
1924-1930: President and Treasurer fo the Society for Propagating the Gospel
1898-1930: Secretary of Missions

On March 14th, 1939 Paul was consecreted as a Bishop in Bethlehem by Bishops J. Taylor Hamilton, Karl A. Mueller, and J. Kenneth Pfohl. Less than a year later on February 8, 1940 at 6:30 A.M. Bishop Paul de Schweinitz died unexpectedly at St. Luke's Hospital in Bethlehem at the age of 76.

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