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Edmund de Schweinitz Papers

Edmund de Schweinitz Papers

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Edmund de Schweinitz Papers


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Creation: 05.04.2012
Language: English

Title: Edmund de Schweinitz Papers
Quantity: 4 boxes
Identification: PP SchwEd
Location: 152E
Language: GermanEnglish

This collection contains personal scrapbooks, a family autograph book, personal correpondence, newspaper clippings of works by or about Edmund de Schweinitz, church records and ministries, and notes and original transcripts for Vol 1. of the published work "The History of Unitas Fratrum" as well as notes for other published works.

Edmund Alexander de Schweinitz was born on March 20, 1825 in Bethlehem to Ludwig (Louis) David and Amalie (Ledoux) de Schweinitz. From 1831to 1834 Edmund attended the Parochial School in Bethlehem, followed by four years at Nazareth Hall. He entered Moravian College and Theological Seminary as a student in 1839 which he completed in 1844, immediately followed by a year as a student at the University of Berlin. Edmund accepted a teaching position in 1845 in the Moravian Boys' School in Zeist, Netherlands, where he remained for a year before returning to the United States to teach at Nazareth Hall between 1847-1850. Edmund was married to Lydia de Tochirsky on October 10, 1850 and a few months later, on March 3, 1850, ordained as a deacon by Bishop W.H. Van Vleck in Bethlehem. Edmund also began his work as a paster in 1950 in Canal Dover, Ohio but was moved in the same year to Lebanon, Pa., where he was pastor for three years. During this time Edmund's wife, Lydia, gave birth to their first child, Louise, on July 21, 1851. After leaving Lebanon, Edmund and family moved to Philadephia where Edmund held several positions including: pastor of First Church of Philadelphia, 1853-1861; professor of theology, 1855-1857; chief editor of "The Moravian," 1855-1858; and delegate to General Synod in Herrnhut in 1857. While in Philadelphia Lydia gave birth to two sons, Bernard on July 18, 1855, and George on October 26, 1858. Additionally, on October 12, 1856 Edmund was consecrated as a presbyter by Bishop Peter Wolle. In 1861 Edmund and family moved to Lititz, Pa., where Edmund worked as a pastor from 1861-1864 and served as the editor of "The Moravian," 1861-1867. While in Lititz Lydia gave birth to Nina on August 4, 1863. The family would move one final time in 1864 back to Bethlehem, Pa., where Edmund served as a pastor until 1880, as president of the Theological Seminary from 1867-1885, and president of the Provincial Elders' Conference from 1878-1887. Only two years after moving to Bethlehem, September 12, 1866, Edmund lost his wife Lydia. Two years later on October 1, 1868, Edmund remarried to Isabel A. Boggs who gave birth to Gabel just over a year later on July 23, 1869. Edmund was consecrated as a bishop on August 28, 1870, in Bethlehem by Bishops D. Bigler, H.A. Schultz, P. Wolle, J.Jackson, and S. Reinke. In his later years Edmund was elected president of the General Synod in Herrnhut in 1879, and officiated as president of the American Provincial Synods in 1876, 1878, 1881, and 1884. Edmund A. de Schweinitz passed away on Sunday, December 18, 1887 in Bethlehem at the age of 63 very unexpectedly in his sleep after presiding at a lovefeast.

*Edmund wrote several published works throughout his life, including pieces published in Encyclopedias and "The Moravian" - for a full list of published works see notes on publications

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