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Reinke Family Papers

Reinke Family Papers

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Reinke Family Papers


Profile Description

Creation: 05.04.2012
Language: English

Creator: Reinke family
Title: Reinke Family Papers
Dates: 1762 - 1942
Quantity: 1 box
Identification: PP Reinke
Location: 157C
Language: GermanEnglish

The Reinke family collection contains papers spanning from 1762 to 1942, collecting the records of many members of the ancestors and descendents of Clement L. Reinke and Caroline Oehler Reinke. These records include diaries, memoirs, correspondance between family and friends, and genealogical records. The collection is organized into six major areas of provenance, with a seventh for miscellaneous records.

The major family ties include the Hüffel, Oehler, Blickensderfer, and Reinke families.

Christian Gottlieb Hüffel:

C.G. Hüffel was born on September 13, 1762, in Kleinwelka and died on June 7, 1842 in Herrnhut. He traveled extensively in the service of the church, often to Berthelsdorf, Barby, and England. He was ordained a presbyter in 1801. He continued his work for the brethren, and was ordained a bishop in 1814. He married Sarah Elizabeth Hunzigker in 1798; she died in Bethlehem on December 29, 1824. He remarried to Maria Wilhelmina Bechler on November 18, 1827. She died in Herrnhut on January 24, 1859, over sixteen years after his death.

Gottlieb Oehler:

Gottlieb was born on 5/15/1817 in Ohio and died on 1/4/1897 in West-Salem, IL. He married Belinda Ricksecker; their daughter was Caroline Oehler, later Reinke.

Belinda Ricksecker Oehler:

Belinda Ricksecker was born on 3/25/1822 and died on 7/31/1846. Belinda was a descendant of the Blickensderfer family through her mother, Maria Blickensderfer. Her father, John Abraham, passed away before she was born. Belinda married Gottlieb Oehler.

Charlotte Sophia Hüffel:

Charlotte was born 1802 and died on June 20, 1859. She was married to Samuel Reinke on June 3, 1827.

Samuel Reinke:

Samuel was born on 4/12/1792 to Abraham and Maria Sophia Reinke, and died on 1/21/1875 in Bethlehem. He married Susanna Theodora Eyerle on 2/19/1819; she passed away on 9/21/1826. Samuel married his second wife, Charlotte Sophia Hüffel, on 6/3/1827. Samuel was one of three graduates from the first class of the American-Moravian Seminary in Nazareth; his classmates were P. Wolle and W. H. Van Vleck. He became a bishop on October 5, 1858, but was afflicted with blindness in 1860. With his sight partially restored by an operation in New York, he continued to preach for another decade, and assisted his sons, Amadeus Abraham and Clement L. Reinke, in following the road to becoming bishops themselves.

Clement L. Reinke:

Clement L. Reinke was born in 1833 to Samuel and Charlotte Reinke. On July 19, 1859, he married his first wife Auguste Friederike Stolzenbach; five days later, he was ordained as a deacon by his father, Samuel Reinke. Auguste died on June 17, 1862 in Gnadenhütten. Clement remarried to Caroline Oehler on September 29, 1863. Clement went on a mission to Chaska in 1865, one year after his consecration as presbyter. On September 30, 1888, he became a bishop in Bethlehem. He moved several times over the next decade, finally settling in New Jersey. Clement retired in 1901; he died in Gnadenhuetten on September 17, 1922.

Caroline Oehler Reinke:

Caroline was born on 2/23/1843 to Gottlieb and Belinda Oehler. She married Clement L. Reinke on September 29, 1863.



Administrative Information

The Reinke family papers were received from Paul K. Reinke in 1968 and preliminarily processed during the same year. In 2011 they were organized by Joseph Voltz. The collection included a typewritten accession sheet from the original archival process. The 2011 review noted several discrepancies, including a diary that was mistakenly attributed to Johannes Hueffel. Upon further research, it was found that Johannes Hueffel was dead at the time of the diary's creation; the diary has thus been attributed to his son, Christian Gottlieb Hueffel. Other changes include identification of uncertainties in the collection regarding fragments and consolidation of letters. Several printed works were removed to the library. Finally, the 2011 review split the collection into six sub-collections based on provenance and pertinent family members within the collection, with a seventh sub-division for miscellaneous records contained within.

Several discrepancies exist between the 1968 accession and what the 2011 review found within the collection. Two images (photograph of Synod at Dover, OH - 1913 and lithograph by J.G. Kustner - 1827 [tooth-pulling]) were not found within the collection; they have likely been removed to an alternate collection by an earlier review. Likewise, the following books were not found within the collection boxes: Isaac Watts, "The Psalms of David", 1903; James Montgomery, "A New and Complete Edition of the Works...", 1817; Edmund de Schweinitz, "The Moravian Episcopate"; Edmund de Schweinitz, "A History of the Unitas Fratrum from 1627 to 1722". Though these entries are on the 1968 accession, they may have been removed to the library.

Reinke Family papers

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